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Lag makes you less effective

Every time you click a command in an online game, your action is sent to the game server via the internet highways. Your reaction time in games is completely dependent on your ISP providing a fast route to the game server. Take control of your game’s connection lag.

Lag is inevitable but you can ensure that your game takes the quickest routes possible to the game server so that you have the lowest possible response times. A 1-second delay can mean the difference between victory and defeat. A typical Boss encounter that lasts 5 minutes may involve as many as 400 actions. If each action suffered a 1-second delay in execution, you could be 50% less effective. That’s a 50% Reduction in your Heals Per Second (HPS) or Damage Per Second (DPS)!

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How We Reduce your Ping aka Lag

Our software redirects your game traffic to one of 60 server options, which then relays your data to the actual game server. This redirection allows your game connections to bypass the slower routes or overloaded hops, thus avoiding the cause of your game lag completely.

FixMyLag can also encrypt your game data so that it escapes the delays caused by ISP throttling. The encryption ensures that your connection is not marked as Lower-Priority traffic.

Finally, our software allows PC games and consoles alike to bypass campus firewalls and get online.
Don’t let those Firewalled non-standard game ports stop you.

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Works with all the latest games

Fix your lag in Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2, The Secret World, Tera Online and hundreds more games!
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Why not try fixing your lag today?

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