About Us

Are you guys new?

FixMyLag.com, (the domain) was created in the year 2010. The Proxy and VPN systems entered closed beta-testing as early as Sept 2009. The service has now been serving gamers for 14 months. This site was updated with a new design in Feb 2012. Are we a young service? Yes. Are we new? Probably not.

We’re Gamers too

FixMyLag.com is the baby of two veteran online gamers with a combined 25 years of online gaming experience. Being gamers ourselves, we fully understand the need for a good latency (low ping) in various online games regardless of its category. MMORPGs, FPS and RTS all benefit from having a lower ping and thus better responsiveness.

Unfortunately for most non-US gamers, this is usually a major issue due to geographical distance and the way the Internet works. Hence, we set out to improve our own online gameplay experience and decided that it was only a natural progression to offer this as a service with some extra perks.

Don’t be strangers when asking for support. Feel free to chat!