Daniel Haynes "TADeth"
Starcraft 2
Grandmaster Ranked 51
on Pro Team Archaic MSI
"As a SC2 Grandmaster, I need every single edge. Whether playing on US or Korean servers, FixMyLag ensures that I ride on the best connections from Australia for the rapid control of my armies"
"I have been a StarCraft pro for years. When I travel, I use FixMyLag to play on the US servers and view shows that are blocked outside the US. It's also cheap and easy to setup"
Alex Brola "Skew"
United States
Broodwar / SC2
WCG US Finalist & founder of [MEDIA]
co-owner of HotKeyIt.com
Brandon Cross "Xylense"
United States
League of Legends
Summoner Xylense
College Gamer
"Fixmylag allows me to play games on campus despite throttling and provides a better ping. Support responded quickly when I had a issue on my end. They delivered on their promises."
"I looked hard for a service that supports the games I play. FixMyLag was the only one that could improve my connection to those games. Awesome service too!"
Cherlynn Miranda "Eve"
aka Nychie in iDate
Casual Gamer
Nick Badavinac
United States
League of Legends
LOL ping 75ms (4000ms before)
Combat Arms 90ms (Couldn't login b4)
"5 months so far. I can now bypass my college’s throttling. The guys are helpful and get back to you quick. FML is a great service which I'll be sticking with for a long time to come."
"I got used to seeing a ping of 200+ms whenever I played games. I started using FixMyLag and it dropped to 30ms. I have recommended it to friends and would suggest you try it too"
Michael Clapper "Ziinc"
United States
League of Legends
aka Ziinc on WOW Area-52
Hardcore gamer
Keyvan Asdigha "Weazelghast"
League of Legends
Gold-ranked Player (Season 1)
Environmental Scientist
"FixMyLag has allowed me to enjoy a taste of home, from thousands of miles away! I get to play the games I love in places where lag would make it close to impossible."
This helps lower my ping in LOL. I'm actually moving to the UK soon. But I know FixMyLag will have me covered there too with 10 European proxies!
Ramon Andrade
League of Legends
Reduced LOL latency by 20%
Moving to the UK soon for fish n chips
Nico Lee "Yinx"
Star Wars: TOR
Guild: "Circle of Kakis"
Has used FixMyLag since 2010
"I have used FixMyLag in WoW, Aion, Rift and now SWTOR. Probably going to be with these same guys in the next 5 games too!"
"FixMyLag helps gamers at Aberystwyth University get on, and play the games they want, any time, all the time even with the strict Firewall policy. Thanks guys!"
Nick Brooks
United Kingdom
Aberystwyth Uni's Gaming Society
This cowboy rides a 4WD beast

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