Diablo 3 Bug & Updated Proxy Files

Diablo 3 players discovered a major bug today.

If you play a Demon Hunter and try to fit your Templar companion with a new shield, there is a good chance the game will “stall” and you eventually lose connectivity.

Josh himself experienced this. After giving his templar companion a new shield, his game just stopped responding. He subsequently had to close the game as it had become non-responsive.
And all attempts to login again met with failure. You can imagine the poor guy’s frustration.

The good news is that Josh’s testing has allowed us to modify the proxy method slightly.
Please use Layer-1 with Diablo III from now on. The updated files are on the Proxy page as always.

Remember you can reduce lag in Diablo 3 today with both the Proxies or the VPNs.

Link to the known issues in Diablo 3 thus far: