Diablo 3 Lag & Security issues continue to be a problem

Korean gamers are demanding refunds for their Diablo 3 purchases due to persistent Lag problems and supposedly rampant account hacking. We have heard many claims of gold and items being cleaned out from accounts. Talk of “session ID” hacks and other stuff used to compromise your account despite security measures.

Blizzard has commented on how one could improve account security and has hinted at implementing WOW-style security measures but has NOT openly acknowledged that any problem may exist on their end. Not that it would be the wisest thing to do to openly discuss the exploit either. But gamers are looking for a certain answer that the problems will be resolved soon. Also, previous Beta testers have been talking about how some problems have existed since before Launch and this is adding fuel to the fire!

Has Blizzard really changed? Are the days of “We’ll release it when it’s ready” over?
Korea is one of, if not the, biggest markets for Blizzard. On the bright side, this recent spate of events might actually put pressure on Blizzard to get things fixed?

Diablo III Security Measures you can take

In the meantime, you may want to check your account security settings and ensure that:
1. You use an authenticator
2. Your authenticator is required on EVERY Login attempt
3. Avoid playing Public games
4. Play with an encrypted stream where possible to prevent any form of sniffing (VPNs or encrypted Proxies provide this)

Also, if you have not checked out our Diablo 3 tweak guide below yet, you may want to do so!
Reduce Lag in Diablo 3 – Tweak Guide

Angry Diablo 3 users in South Korea demand refunds…

Source: Jakarta Post

“The highly celebrated launch of online game Diablo 3 is rapidly turning into a consumer nightmare as thousands of users are demanding refund over server lags.

South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission official said Wednesday it has received between 111 and 175 Diablo 3-related complaints per day in the past few days, according to news reports. The official added that the average number complaints received every day is about 150.

The Fair Trade Commission vowed it will “look into the situation,” but did not elaborate.

Reportedly, most of the discontent consumers were furious over excessive time it took them to log on to the game.

“Error 3003 has been slapping me in the face nightly. … Fix this fast or I will not be buying any new products from Blizzard,” warned one user on Diablo 3’s online page.

The wildly popular action RGP game by Blizzard Entertainment has garnered huge popularity upon its release last week, but its success is taking a toll as too many users are causing server maintenance problems.

In just a week, over 3,000 internet users have signed an online petition in Daum’s Agora forum, demanding refunds over server problems.

Blizzard vowed to take measures against the problem, but did not present any specific measures on refund demands.

Last week, the company said in an official statement that its preparation for the launch of the game “did not go far enough,” an apologetic gesture in reaction to the downpour of complaints from consumers.”