Are the Diablo III Servers Up or Down?

Unable to connect to the Diablo III servers? DRM getting in your way of enjoying even Single-player games?

It’s unfortunate but those timeout errors and cryptic error messages with numbers like #3003, #3005, #3006 are annoying as Hell (pun intended). What’s the issue? Is it my PC? My ISP? Blizzard’s servers? Are the servers Up or Down?

The good news is that you can now find out the answers to that last question.
Just head on over to and you’ll have the official answer.

Solutions to 3 Types of Lag in Diablo 3

1. Graphics Lag – This is the kind of lag that affects your performance in a game. The game might stutter or freeze often, causing your hero to die at the most inopportune times. This gets worse when you complete Normal mode and go on to Nightmare, Hell and Inferno as the number of mobs grows exponentially.

2. Input Lag – Some players experience a “delay” or “lag” in their input. Every action seems to take a split second longer to register in-game than it should. It’s like there’s marshmallow stuck under your mouse button or keys.

3. Connection Lag – Commonly known as a high ping or latency. Diablo 3 has certainly had alot of users complain of horrid lag spikes. Lag spikes cause your hero to become unresponsive and the environment not to react to your actions. Your hero moves but isn’t able to attack any mobs. It’s like he/she is in the Bermuda triangle. And you wonder if your hero is still alive with 47 mobs beating on him…

To see the potential solutions, just head on over to the page below.
Reduce Lag in Diablo 3