Fix or Reduce Lag with our Performance Tweaks.

There are 2 main types of “lag” that Gamers have to contend with. We will cover a number of tweaks and solutions below but let’s have a quick look at what these are. If you find this article useful, remember to “Like” using the Facebook box in the right sidebar. This will allow encourage us to write more tweak guides!

Types of Lag

1. Graphics Lag – This is the kind of lag that affects your performance in a game. The game might stutter or freeze often, causing your hero to die at the most inopportune times. This gets worse when you complete Normal mode and go on to Nightmare, Hell and Inferno as the number of mobs grows exponentially.

2. Input Lag – Some players experience a “delay” or “lag” in their input despite a ping under 50ms. Every action seems to take a split second longer to register in-game than it should. It’s like there’s marshmallow stuck under your mouse button or keys. (Connection lag is however the bigger culprit)

3. Connection Lag – Commonly known as a high ping or latency. Diablo 3 has certainly had alot of users complain of horrid lag spikes. Lag spikes cause your hero to become unresponsive and the environment not to react to your actions. Your hero moves but isn’t able to attack any mobs. It’s like he/she is in the Bermuda triangle. And you wonder if your hero is still alive with 47 mobs beating on him…

Fix 3 types of Lag with our suggested Tweaks

Now that we’ve got that stuff broken down into easily digestible bite-sized pieces, let’s look at a number of tweaks that will hopefully help the majority of you!

Reduce Graphics Lag

Monitor your FPS (frames per second)
Diablo 3 has a built-in FPS monitor. The default hotkey combo for this should be “Control-R”. Enable it and test if each tweak improves your FPS and by how much. With some effort, you can probably reach a balance of FPS and visual satisfaction.

Update your Graphics card drivers
Not too much needs to be said about this. Always stay current where possible.
Nvidia users: Download Official Nvidia Drivers
ATI users: Download Official ATI Drivers

Graphics Driver settings for Max Performance
If you have a Nvidia-based graphics card, you can set many graphical options using the Nvidia Control Panel. We recommend these settings for Maximum Performance.
Anisotropic Filtering – Off
Antialiasing Mode – Off
Texture Filtering Quality – High Performance
Triple Buffering – Off
Vertical Sync – Force Off

Nvidia Control Panel Settings

We had to split the settings into 2 images. Refer to both and set your options accordingly.
For the purpose of maximizing Performance, we sacrificed Visual Quality. As we said before and will prove again, Diablo 3 doesn’t benefit that much from High Quality settings anyway.

Nvidia driver settings 1

Nvidia driver settings 2

ATI Card Owners
I’m afraid we don’t have an ATI-powered graphics card in any of the PCs on hand so we’ll have to leave the graphics driver settings to you. However, they should be relatively similar.

Start with these and if your Diablo 3 FPS improves, you can gradually tweak some of the settings higher for a better graphical experience. (more on that later)

Diablo III Video Options
We recommend the following settings for those of you with FPS issues.
Vertical Sync – Disabled
Texture Quality – Low
Shadow Quality – Off
Physics – High (Set to Low if you have an older CPU)
Clutter Density – Off
Anti-Aliasing – Disabled
Low FX – Leave unchecked but you can try this as a last resort

Go for the absolute minimum settings if you’re having FPS problems. From here, you can gradually tweak each setting higher and monitor its effect on your overall FPS.

Diablo 3 video options

Diablo 3 Preferences
These settings have reportedly helped some users reduce Game Performance issues. We added the reduction to the “ChannelsToUse” setting as the number of sound channels in a game can often negatively impact performance.

Head over to this location:
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Documents\Diablo III

Open up D3Prefs.txt in a text editor and modify the following highlighted options to match the image.

Diablo 3 preferences file

Results & Visual Comparison of Min/Max Settings

If you look closely at the FPS monitor in the 2 images below, you will see that the difference in FPS between Min and Max settings is a staggering 183 FPS. That’s greater than a 100% increase. However, this 100% increase may not be a realistic benchmark for every PC. Nonetheless, give the tweaks a shot and find out what they can do for your game. Now, let’s move on to Graphics Quality.

The below FPS tests were performed on our test system equipped with Nvidia SLI. What we want to pay attention to are not the absolute FPS numbers, but rather, the improvement in Video Performance after the Tweaks. The tweaks allowed a 100% improvement in FPS measured over a few screenshots. We posted only the averages.

Before Tweaking
Diablo 3 Max Settings

After Tweaking
Diablo 3 Tweaked Settings

It is our opinion that the graphics settings in Diablo 3 can be reduced drastically if you’re in need of a serious FPS boost. You don’t lose THAT much quality although this may be subjective. One key thing to remember is that Diablo III is a fast-paced non-stop action game. You rarely have the time to stop and admire the scenery. Here’s one last bit to prove you aren’t going to lose all that much detail if you dial things down. The first screenshot used Max Settings while the second used almost the lowest settings possible. You’ll see that the difference is quite marginal. The most obvious difference is the lack of shadows and jagged edges.

Highest Settings

Lowest Settings

Reduce Input Lag

It has often been reported that the following will help tremendously with Input Lag. Worth giving a shot with your Graphics Driver settings. (These have already been featured above with the Nvidia Control Panel)
Disable Vertical Sync
Disable Triple Buffering

However, if you have a persistent issue, it is worth trying the opposite:
Enable Triple Buffering

Reduce Diablo 3 Latency

Is your in-game Latency Meter Yellow or Red? Does it constantly change colors between green and red? Fixing this one is far more complicated then either of the above. There’s also a chance that part of the issue lies with Blizzard’s servers. (A ping below 300ms shows as “Green”) You would want to avoid a ping higher than this.

The following are LIKELY signs that the Latency you’re experiencing originates at Server-side:
1. Your ping is consistent. (even if it seems to be 100ms higher than in other games)
2. You only experience the occasional spikes in latencies.
3. When you do experience significant connection lag, everyone else has the same problem at that time.
4. When you experience lag during play, the Auction House too feels sluggish or non-responsive and the same can be said for the Diablo 3 Official forums
5. You only have issues at Peak hours and Weekends. It’s fine the rest of the time.

These MIGHT indicate that you have Client-side lag on top of the usual Server-side problems:
1. Your pings vary by a significant amount consistently during a single play session. IE. They are not stable.
2. You have a high latency most of the time – regardless of Peak or Non-peak hours (or Weekends).
3. Your pings very widely from day to day.
4. When you experience connection lag, your friends report that everything seems fine.
5. Your pings rise during Your ISP’s peak hours, rather than Blizzard’s servers. (if you live in a different timezone)

You cannot do much about Lag that originates at Blizzard’s end. You might, however, be able to do something about Client-side lag.
Fixing connection lag is far more complicated than any of the other types of lag mentioned above though.

Let’s cover what you CAN do:

1. Ensure you are not running P2P software in the background. No torrents please!
2. Uninstall Pando Media Booster if you have that installed. (a few games install that)
3. Avoid playing D3 on Wireless! Go LAN cable.
4. Use a Proxy or VPN service if you suspect your game traffic is taking a bad route to the server. Check out our video below for more on this.

What causes Connection lag or related problems in Diablo 3?

1. High loads on the D3 servers. You can’t do anything about this one. The good news is that it’s not a persistent problem and will eventually go away as the game matures.
2. Your ISP providing poor routing to the D3 servers, causing an unnecessarily high ping. Rather than go into the details, check out our video below which illustrates this!

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How can improving my Connection to the Diablo 3 servers benefit me?

1. Reduce Lag noticeably in the game. Things should feel more responsive. There should not be a delay between your click and its resulting action. (Do not confuse with Input lag)
2. Lower Ping numbers seen in-game. Have a latency meter that shows a healthy Green more often than a sickly Yellow/Red.
3. Eliminate or reduce Lag Spikes. Remember those times you click your mouse buttons and nothing happens? You should see these far less often.

You would have to use a Proxy or VPN service to modify the route your Diablo 3 traffic takes. You really want to choose a path that is not heavily congested and has a lower latency or ping.
Our software does this for a small fee and provides a whole host of benefits that you can check out below.

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