Obtain a Faster, Lower Ping in Guild Wars 2, Secret World, Diablo 3, LOL & Other Games

Lower Ping in Games & Bypass Firewalls

5-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Don’t like uncertainties? You’re protected by our Guarantee. Cancel within 5 days if you don’t think the service helps you in any way and we Refund your money.

Windows, Xbox & PS3 compatible

FixMyLag brings gamers another first. We’re the first proxy service to offer Console gamers the opportunity to bypass campus firewalls, and Reduce Latency on their console platforms.

Optimized Game-VPNs work with 98% of Online Games

Our VPNs have been tweaked to offer Gamers the best possible Latencies and Performance, leaving those clunky old VPN services in the dust.

Lower your in-Game Ping

Our software redirects your game traffic to our servers, which then relay your data to the actual game server. This redirection allows your game connections to bypass the slower routes or overloaded hops, thus avoiding the causes of your game lag. Our service can also encrypt your game traffic so that it bypasses “Throttling” aka Traffic-shaping.

Stop Random Disconnects & Rubber-banding

Both of these game-killing problems are usually caused by traffic-shaping or overcrowded hops rather than just an inefficient route. FixMyLag has a 85% success rate in helping our users resolve these issues and enjoy a lower ping.

Strengthen your Connections

“Ping” is an often misused indicator of a connection’s Strength. Your latency is only a rough indicator of response time. Connections with a low ping can still suffer from Packet Loss and line Jitter. See the following Wikipedia links for more information on both these game-killing factors.
Wikipedia on Jitter
Wikipedia on Packet Loss

FixMyLag’s Software allows you to choose the best internet routes available to you. Our Proxies and VPNs are configured to provide the best latencies and signal strength through tweaks and encryption.

The Proof (2 pictures are worth 2000 words)

Feel free to check the date and timestamps on the Ping program’s window. We used PingPlotter – a great program for checking latencies. They have a freeware version we highly recommend.

Connecting direct from Beijing, China to a server in Texas, USA
High Ping connecting direct

Using FixMyLag’s VPN reduces the Latency by 50%
Lower Ping connecting via VPN

Bypass that Campus Firewall or Throttling

Firewall on campus blocking the non-standard ports used by your games? FixMyLag allows you to bypass those pesky firewalls and connect to those game servers once more. This applies to Console gamers as well.

60 Server Options

Connect to any one of our 45 Game Proxies or 15 VPN servers and watch as we reduce your ping.
A good spread of locations over the US and Europe ensures a faster ping in almost any game.

Supports both TCP & UDP Games

Tired of Proxy Services that work with only a small selection of TCP-based games?
FixMyLag is compatible with 98% of the games out there.

Constantly updated to work with the Latest games

Some of the Popular games that FixMyLag supports:
1. Guild Wars 2
2. The Secret World
3. Diablo III
4. Tera Online
5. Battlefield 3
6. Bloodline Champions
7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
8. Eve Online
9. Heroes of Newerth
10. League of Legends
11. RIFT
12. Star Wars: The Old Republic
13. Starcraft II
14. World of Tanks
15. World of Warcraft

To see a full list of games, check out this page.
Contact Us if you have any questions.

Play on USA/EU Servers from Any Region

An unfortunate but increasing trend in the Online Games sector is the enforcement of Regional Restrictions. A number of games now block non-US or non-EU residents from their game servers by enforcing Regional IP Blocks. FixMyLag allows you to bypass these blocks by using FixMyLag’s IPs. As far as they can tell, you’re in the US (or Europe).

All Software provided

You don’t have to buy any 3rd party software to use our service. And we don’t ask you to use prehistoric freeware. FixMyLag is consistently improving on its own software.
We are the First (and only) provider to offer support for UDP-based games since Dec 2010. Expect more advances from FixMyLag in 2012.

Not just a SSH Proxy Service

FixMyLag offers more than just SSH proxies. Our Layer 2 Proxies provide support for UDP-based games. And we have 17 VPN servers currently serving users around the globe.

Support that our Users talk about

Tired of relying on forums for your support issues? We provide superior support through our Helpdesk. Expect one-on-one support and our threaded system allows us to keep track of customer issues. We’ve had lots of satisfied customers (and even a few unsatisfied customers!) praise our quick and effective support. Some of you might prefer to see an active forum… but wouldn’t you prefer personalized support?

Lower Ping Support

Fix Slow Internet Connections. Bypass Censorship

Say Goodbye to Censorship

Unable to access Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or other Websites (incl. Adult) in parts of the world where the internet is Restricted? Many of our users in China slip past the Great Firewall with FixMyLag.

Stop being Region Blocked on the Web

Some services or websites are known to block you due to your geographical location. Use one of our VPNs and appear to be a resident of the USA or UK and bypass those blocks. Access the iTunes US store from Asia. Watch Hulu TV and enjoy listening to Pandora Radio.

Anonymize and Secure

Our VPNs add a layer of Encryption to your internet traffic. Secure your WIFI traffic at Public Hotspots and avoid getting sniffed by cyber-criminals. That’s right. So secure even your ISP cannot see what you are doing (other than connecting to our servers). The VPN servers replace your IP with ours, ensuring that you remain anonymous. ***Our service is not to be used for illegal activity. We will comply with the law if requested to do so***

iPhone & iPad Compatible

This is currently only available for Jailbroken iOS devices. An affordable app must be purchased to use our service on these Mobile devices.

Contact Us if you have any questions.

*FixMyLag has been serving gamers since Dec 2010. Our website, client area and support helpdesk have recently been updated to serve you better*