Proxy Software & Video Guide

Age of Wushu, Guild Wars 2, Diablo 3 & The Secret World

Players of the above games should use this installer: (Last update: Apr 01 2014)
Click this for Age of Wushu, GW2, Diablo 3 & The Secret World

Latest Proxy Software for All Other Games

This installer is always updated. (Last update: Apr 01 2014)
Click here for League of Legends & Other games

Friendly Reminders

To learn more about using the VPNs, see this page:

You can see which proxy Layers (L1 or L2) are supported by your game here:

Remember to select the RIGHT proxy Layer for your game.
For example, WoW and Rift use Layer 1, and LOL or BLC use Layer 2.
You will need to restart the game afterwards.

Optimize your Ping!

To Fix your Lag or Ping, try to follow the process outlined below:

1. Click “Ping the servers” to discover which Proxy your ISP provides the best latency to. Do this daily as route conditions on the internet change frequently. Just like real traffic!

2. When you see the “Caution! Packet Loss detected” associated with a particular Proxy, Ping the servers again to see if the warning is repeated. Repeated warnings for a particular proxy means you don’t have a good outgoing route to that server right now. It would be best to avoid using that server for a day or two until the warning clears. The warning is sometimes a false alarm, hence the need to see if it repeats.

3. To find out which Proxy has the best Latency (or Ping) to your favorite game server from our end, ask us for “server-side pings” via the Helpdesk.

4. Add up both ping measurements (your ping to our servers + the ones we provide) and you get the “Real Ping” which you can use to determine which Proxy works best for you!