Reduce Lag in Guild Wars 2, The Secret World, Diablo 3, TERA, League of Legends & other MMOs

Reduce lag in which games exactly?
All the latest games are supported including Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2 and Tera Online.
For a full list of games that are compatible, please see this List of Games

What is Lag?
You can read more about lag here.

How does FixMyLag fix my Latency issues?

If you’re checking out this page, you’re either skeptical that a service like this would work OR You would simply like to learn more. Either way, we try to help users understand how our service basically goes about fixing their lag problems and reducing their pings. One has to note, however, that the subject is too complex for a simple FAQ. As such, we can only touch on the basics.

2 Images are worth 2000 words

Feel free to check the date and timestamps on the Ping program’s window. We used PingPlotter – a great program for checking latencies. They have a freeware version we highly recommend. (please note that these changes can only be seen when using the VPNs. Our proxy app targets only the game files)

Connecting direct from Beijing, China to a server in Texas, USA
High Ping connecting direct

Using FixMyLag’s VPN reduces the Latency by 50%
Lower Ping connecting via VPN

The Causes of Lag aka a High Ping

The following are the usual causes of Lag, Packet Loss and Disconnections:

1. Your game client’s data is delivered to the game server via a route that is inefficient and unnecessarily long. This adds extra latency due to the excessive distance traveled.

2. The game traffic is sent along a route that is heavily used and congested, often resulting in packet loss. This can cause random disconnects, sudden lag spikes and what we call “rubber-banding”.

3. Your school campus or ISP practices what we call traffic-shaping (aka “throttling”). This is a mechanism that aims to reduce the bandwidth used by Peer-to-Peer traffic by tagging it with a lower-priority. Unfortunately, game traffic that is UDP-based is often mistaken for P2P traffic and hence gets the same treatment. IE. it gets delayed.

4. Many campuses practice “throttling” and in addition, also firewall non-standard ports which is what causes most games to fail when trying to connect. Gamers on such campuses often see ping spikes above 1000ms if they manage to connect at all.

5. Geographical distance. Of course, despite whatever anyone tries to tell you, there’s always going to be a limit as to how low your ping can go. Overseas gamers are always going to have a slight disadvantage. Proxies can help but they cannot perform miracles. In general, don’t expect to have a ping below 100ms if you aren’t in the US or Europe and play on their respective servers.

How does FixMyLag work?

1. When you start our Proxy Software, it sits quietly and harmlessly in the background, waiting to redirect Only your Game Traffic. When your game client starts sending data intended for the game server, the proxy redirects this traffic over to FixMyLag’s server of your choice.

2. Because our service provides 60 server options, 90% of our users are able to find at least one Alternate route for their game traffic. This allows users troubled by bad routes to redirect their traffic over a quicker cleaner route that suffers from no congestion nor packet loss, thus avoiding the chief causes of lag.

3. If your connection lag is caused by “throttling” aka Packet-shaping, our VPN servers add a Layer of Encryption to the game’s traffic so that it can bypass various ISP “throttle” filters, which attempt to catch all P2P-type traffic. A common sign of “throttling” are pings that often spike above 1000ms.

4. Unable to play games on Campus? Many campus Firewalls implement the “throttling” mentioned above. In addition, they often block the non-standard ports 90% of games rely on. This effectively stops your games connecting to the game servers, which means you’re not able play games online. FixMyLag’s VPN servers “tunnel” your game’s traffic so that they can connect to games using our own servers instead. This mechanism allows the games to connect to the “non-standard” ports on our servers instead.

Does FixMyLag Work for Everyone?

There is no product that will work for EVERY single person. Despite what our competition might like to claim, Each and Every person has a Unique connection that is subject to different network issues and routes. You should be wary of any company that claims that their product is 100% guaranteed to work for everyone. This is especially true if they do not offer a Money-back Guarantee.

FixMyLag offers our Money-Back Guarantee to protect buyers like you. If you feel that our service is not helping in any way, simply email us and allow us the opportunity to troubleshoot the issue. If we are unable to help you, we will refund your money. Whilst we cannot claim a 100% satisfaction rate, we believe our success rate is close to 80%. The FixMyLag team prefers to be open and honest with customers and provide the best service possible to everyone.

Why don’t you have a Forum? It reassures me that you provide proper support!

Forums are indeed great for community building. However, we’re too busy providing our customers dedicated 1-on-1 support. :-)

Lower Ping Support

Does FixMyLag support the Latest Games?

Our service is compatible with hundreds of games. The list below shows some of the Popular games that FixMyLag supports. To see more games, browse on to the next section.
1. Guild Wars 2
2. The Secret World
3. Diablo III
4. Tera Online
5. Battlefield 3
6. Bloodline Champions
7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
8. Eve Online
9. Heroes of Newerth
10. League of Legends
11. RIFT
12. Star Wars: The Old Republic
13. Starcraft II
14. World of Tanks
15. World of Warcraft

When do we use Layer 1, Layer 2 or VPN?

Layer 1 (L1)
SSH proxies are most effective with TCP-based games. They’re effective but they do not support UDP-based games and are thus limiting. Most proxy providers who cater to gamers use this type of proxy. To see the games Layer 1 proxies support, click this.

Layer 2 (L2)
This proxy type is compatible with Both TCP and UDP-based games. They support any game on our list. To view the list of games that Require the use of Layer 2, click here.

The FixMyLag VPN Advantage
Our VPN machines make powerful proxies. They have been tweaked and optimized to be lightweight and responsive. Advantages of our VPN service include:

1. 98% Compatibility. They work with 98% of the games out there. Have a game not mentioned on the Supported Games list? No problem. Use our VPN. It just works.
2. VPNs work with almost zero-configuration for ANY game. Install, Start and Connect. Play!
3. Browser-based games work through our VPN servers
4. VPNs allow gamers to play on Campus despite Firewalls, and often reduces lag too.
5. Unlike some proxy software, VPNs work with games that implement anti-hack guards that regard those proxy software as “hacks”.
6. VPNs allow easy unblocking of Region-Locked games.

Use our VPNs when you’re playing on Campus. Use them if you’re playing Region-locked games. Use them for browser-based games. So why use the Proxies, you ask? Some users feel that the proxies are still quicker for games. You be the judge!

How about the Leatrix Latency Fix?

The Leatrix Latency Fix is similar to the TCP No-Delay tweak. It essentially removes the delay between sends. However, while it may help some gamers reduce lag in games, it will not help everyone. If your problems are caused by routing, no registry hack is going to solve your problems. Only a redirection of your traffic would provide a fighting chance. Furthermore, the majority of games use UDP and not TCP so those tweaks do nothing to help.

Contact Us if you have any questions

Unblock the Internet & Secure your traffic

Does the VPN service offer Anonymity?

The answer would be “Yes” since no website, game or service would know what your True IP is since they only see ours. This means no one knows who you are or where you are really located. But be warned that you may not misuse or abuse this for Illegal purposes. Abuse will result in Service Termination. No refund will be given in such situations.

How about Hulu, Pandora and other Region-Locked websites or services?

Our overseas users have enjoyed Hulu and Pandora for some time now. One can also use the iTunes US store. (You will need gift cards for purchases)

Torrents are NOT allowed

We Do Not allow the use of our VPN servers for Torrent downloads.

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*FixMyLag has been serving gamers since Dec 2010. Our website, client area and support helpdesk have recently been updated to serve you better*