The Secret World Launches Pre-Order!

This awesome looking upcoming MMO by Funcom has launched its Pre-Order page.
Funcom also did Anarchy Online and Age of Conan for those of you who have somehow not heard of this company yet.

We don’t know about you guys but we’re pretty excited about this game thanks to the following factors:
1. Secret Societies – who doesn’t love these?
2. Class-less system – No more bitching about being the underdog class?
3. No levels – We reserve judgement on this
4. 500 skills – Yes, the Skill-calculator website’s wet dream (or nightmare)
5. Gorgeous dynamic environment (lights that illuminate draw zombies, set fire and burn the zombies etc.)

Well, at least one of us has pre-ordered. If you think this might be your cuppa too, then check out the following link:
Pre-order The Secret World

Pre-orders, as usual, get early game access and beta access which begins in May.
Lots of games coming out in the next few months. This one and GW2 look good. (No, there’s no need to mention Diablo 3, is there?)